IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Research Reporting

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Research Reporting

An integral part of the research process is reporting or communicating the research findings. All research faculty in proportion to their research appointment are expected to regularly document the results of the research program (Project, see sec. 6C1-6.120-3). The following shall be used to report research.

  1. Current Research Information System (CRIS) - The Current Research Information System--now widely known as CRIS--was officially established in April, 1966. CRIS is an automated information storage and retrieval system designed to do two things:

    1. Improve communications among scientists with regard to research which is presently underway.

    2. Provide effective management information on the total research programs of the state stations and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    All IFAS research programs are committed to full participation in the CRIS system through CSRS. Instructions and classification manuals, forms, and memoranda too detailed to include here, will be periodically issued by the Dean for Research as needed to keep the projects and CRIS documentation current and operative. Following are the documents of CRIS:


    Title Form When to be Submitted
    Project Statement AEC 2122 Required on all research underway in IFAS (except first year of preliminary exploratory research)
    Research Resume AD-416 Required with all new projects
    Classification of Research AD-417 Required with all new projects
    Funds and Manpower AD-419 Required annually at end of fiscal year
    Progress Report AD-421 Required annually at end of calendar year. These are compiled and published as Annual Report
    Request for Information AD-427 These may be requested at any time by members of the faculty. Request should be submitted to Dean for Research for forwarding to CRIS Center in USDA, Washington, D.C.

  2. Annual Summary Reports - These are annual summarizations of all active projects. They will be retained by the department chair or center director for 10 years after completion of the project.

    1. Annual Summary Reports shall be detailed and complete.

    2. All research faculty shall submit reports on all projects to their respective department chairs or center directors annually or on an anniversary date mutually agreed upon by both research and department chair or center director. Normally this date would be immediately prior to the preparation of the CRIS "Progress Report" which is due in the Dean for Research Office January 1. However, when affected by growing seasons or other valid reasons, Annual Summary Reports may be submitted at an agreed upon time so long as done on an annual basis.

    3. The research faculty member submits one copy of the Summary Report to the department chair or center director. Copies may be sent to coordinating department chairs and cooperators upon request.

    4. Finished manuscripts and/or thesis which completely report all the research due to be summarized may be used in lieu of a Summary Report. This method is gaining popularity and is preferred by many PIs and unit leaders.

    5. Summary Reports are not public documents and are not for publication. Expressed approval of the PI must be obtained before making the Summary Report available to other IFAS faculty, or others.

  3. Annual Research Faculty Achievement Report - This part of IFAS-wide Faculty Planning-Achievement-Evaluation annual report form 2635.

  4. Journal Series - Publication in peer reviewed scientific journals appropriate to the PI's field of research is the preferred method of research reporting proceeded by published abstracts and followed by technical articles in trade journals. Experiment Station Bulletins provide an alternate method of research reporting for monographs or other reporting not filling the traditional abstract/paper/technical article formats.

    All submissions shall carry a formal Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series number and credit when appropriate should be given along with names of other sponsors as follows: "This work was supported (in part) by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station" (and...).

    The journal series transmittal form is attached.