IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 22, 2008


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the policy and procedures for Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Communications use by UF/IFAS faculty and staff.

  2. Policy and Procedures

    1. Requirement for use

      E-mail is used for official communications within the UF and IFAS. All faculty and staff will have a method for checking and responding to e-mail on a daily basis either through their own computer access or by proxy during days at work. The GatorLink user account, assigned to everyone affiliated with the UF, will be used with the domain @ufl.edu as the official business address. This may either be forwarded to the IFAS central e-mail server, as described below, to another approved mail server, or accessed directly using the GatorLink e-mail system. Like office phones, a user’s e-mail account is provided for official business use, and its usage must comply with the UF Acceptable Use Policy for computers.
    2. Central e-mail server

      IFAS Office of Information Technology (IT) will provide access to a central e-mail server. This server is configured to provide shared calendaring, global address list, and task list and is the recommended server for users.

    3. Approved e-mail accounts

      Users are required to access their e-mail using accounts on official UF or other governmental agency servers. E-mail addresses on commercial servers such as AOL, EarthLink, or Yahoo are not acceptable, due to lack of reliability and local administration.

    4. E-mail distribution lists (Listserv)

      The Office of Information Technology will support access to a central e-mail distribution application to simplify sending messages to groups. Those requesting the distribution lists are responsible for maintaining them as owner; there may be more than one owner, editor, or moderator for each list. Group lists may be configured to require approval by moderator before being distributed or be approved by the sender after confirmation. As required in 2a above, all lists are created for the purpose of conducting official UF/IFAS business, and messages must conform to UF Acceptable Use Policy (http://www.it.ufl.edu/policies/aupolicy.html ), with subject matter limited to that of UF or IFAS policy or procedures, senior level personnel changes, meetings, conferences, seminars, or to convey emergency information . Messages concerning matters of a personal or editorial nature are inappropriate. The ALL-IFAS-L list is reserved for use by the SVP and Deans’ offices only, and subscription membership is required for all IFAS faculty and staff. Other lists for general announcements to a large group of recipients, such as IFAS-Announce-L (subscription optional) and IFAS-Faculty-L, will be moderated by those designated by the SVP. The current list of distribution list archives is at http://lists.ifas.ufl.edu.