IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Approval Process for Filling Faculty Positions

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 22, 2002


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Approval Process for Filling Faculty Positions

This chart (42KB pdf) illustrates the process of requesting and filling a faculty position. 
Further detail regarding each block is provided on the following pages.

When a faculty position becomes vacant for any reason, the position and the accompanying FTE distribution will be moved to the Vice President's reassignment pool. When a unit receives approval to fill a position, the unit's total authorized FTE will be adjusted based upon the funding of the position.

  1. Programmatic Vacancies (Released Once per Year)

    The approval process for the release of all programmatic positions begins with the Vice President's Office. Typically, the VP solicits requests from units once per year regarding programmatic vacancies/needs. The requests are sent to the IFAS Personnel Affairs office; there, they are collated for the VP/Deans who in turn will assess IFAS-wide needs before releasing a position to be filled. Decisions to release positions will take into consideration funding issues, programming initiatives (Florida FIRST), formula funded teaching positions, etc.

  2. Special Circumstances (Released on a case-by-case basis)

    Certain positions may be released any time at the discretion of the VP in response to unusual situations or circumstances. Examples include legislatively "earmarked" positions, situations in which the previous faculty member was "counseled out", emergency programmatic needs, etc. Such circumstances by definition are exceptions; the general expectation is that position requests will be handled through the programmatic process noted above.

  3. VP Approval for Special Circumstances

    Unless written approval has already been sent to the unit from the VP, the unit is expected to request approval to fill such positions by writing a brief letter to the VP. This letter should include the specific reasons why the vacancy should be filled as a special situation as opposed to the routine programmatic process. In consultation with the Deans, the VP will make a decision regarding the request and a response will be made in writing to the unit leader. If the request to fill the position is approved, the unit is expected then to submit the necessary paperwork (including Florida FIRST justification) to the Personnel Office as noted below.

  4. Formal Request from the Unit

    Either in response to the annual request for proposals to fill programmatic needs or as the means of pursuing a special circumstance, a unit must complete the necessary documentation before final approval is granted. This documentation is sent directly to the IFAS Personnel Affairs office. The specific required documentation includes:
    1. A form 2634 with the unit section completed and signed. These forms will be available on the IFAS Personnel Office website. Please note that the FTE assignment is a request at this point. For tenure and promotion purposes, the University requires that excellence be shown in two areas; therefore, joint appointments are now the typical assignment.
    2. A draft position announcement. For the convenience of the unit leader, a template of such an announcement is attached. The key section for the unit is the actual description of job duties. Unit leaders should prepare the announcement in complete form using the template as a guide. The announcement should have been fully discussed and agreed upon by unit faculty before submission.
    3. The justification of why the position is needed based on the Florida FIRST guidelines. All positions are required to have a Florida FIRST justification regardless of whether they are programmatic or special circumstances.
    4. Copies of any correspondence from the Vice President or Deans regarding a special circumstance approval.
    5. Another item of documentation that may accompany the packet at this point is the first page of the University's Affirmative Action Compliance Report. Some units form search committees to review the packet prior to submitting it for approval. If this is the case, the form can be sent with the packet. Otherwise the form will have to be completed once a search committee has been appointed. In any event, the form is required before the position can be advertised.
  5. IFAS Personnel Affairs Office (interaction with the Deans and Planning & Budgeting)

    The Personnel Office is responsible for guiding the request through the various levels of approval following receipt. Copies of the request packet are forwarded to the Deans of Academic Programs, Research, and Extension for their review of the FTE assignment, the proposed job duties, and the justification provided by the unit. The Form 2634 is sent to the Dean with the primary funding on the position. The "lead" Dean is responsible for discussing the position with the other two Deans and making any changes to the draft position announcement and/or FTE assignment. The unit leader may be contacted to discuss any questions regarding the position description and any changes that may be made by the Deans. Once the Deans have completed their review and the VP signs concurrence, any revisions are forwarded back to the Personnel Office.

    Upon receipt from the Deans, the Personnel Office will forward the Form 2634 and any necessary documentation to Planning & Budgeting; an LP number will be assigned formally to the position at this point. The packet is returned to the Personnel Office where the final draft of the position announcement is done.

    Once the approval is received from the Deans and the LP number has been assigned, a copy of the completed packet is sent back to the Unit. At this point, the Unit has the opportunity for a final proofing before the announcement is printed. If the Unit did not complete the first page of the University Affirmative Action Compliance Report when the packet was sent in originally, it will have to be completed at this time. Vacant positions must be posted across the State University System by the Vice Provost's office. The first page of the compliance report initiates this posting.

  6. Starting Salaries

    The lead Dean must approve before any offer of employment is tendered. The Vice President has established starting salaries as follows:
    1. If the salary falls within pre-determined limits, the unit leader can make the decision regarding starting salary. As of this writing, this range is $60,000 to $62,000 for an Assistant Professor. Any changes to this range will be communicated in writing by the Vice President.
    2. If the salary to be offered exceeds the limit noted above or there is an unusual circumstance, pre-approval must be obtained from the lead Dean. The Deans have discretion to a pre-determined amount in approving salaries. If the pre-approval request exceeds their discretion, the lead Dean will seek approval from the Vice President.
    3. Any administrative supplements for positions such as Assistant or Associate Deans, District Directors, etc. must be approved by the Vice President prior to making an offer to the candidate
  7. Phased Retirements

    Lines kept vacant for phased retirements will be transferred to the VP reassignment pool. Support dollars will be transferred to units to fund phase retirement appointments, as well as the unit's 50% share of the balance of salary savings until the phased retirement is completed.