IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Emeritus Faculty Process

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 7, 2008


SUBJECT: IFAS; Emeritus Faculty Process

  1. Faculty members, academic administrators, and such other officers of the University as the President may designate shall become eligible for the title "Emeritus" in connection with their faculty rank when they retire.

  2. The title is to be conferred, as the word indicates, for recognition by one’s colleagues of meritorious service, and it shall entail continued campus courtesies, under the same conditions as required for active faculty and administrators, including parking, use of the library and recreation facilities, admission to athletics and cultural events, receipt of such publications as are sent to regular faculty members and members of the Alumni Association, participation in contract and grant endeavors, and participation in academic convocations.

  3. Consideration for this title shall be accomplished prior to the faculty member’s retirement. The names of all eligible nominees shall be submitted by the chairperson to the faculty for a departmental vote. A favorable nomination shall be submitted through the appropriate administrative channels (Dean, Senior Vice President) to the Office of Academic Affairs for final action. (Sample letter of request is attached.)

  4. Beyond the standard privileges, a unit may wish to utilize emeritus faculty to meet specific short-term programmatic needs. Hiring back will generally be done via OPS appointments and be made on a case-by-case, “as needed” basis.

  5. The unit may provide office space, support, or other benefits to emeritus faculty not on a specific OPS appointment. This will depend upon availability of, and demand for, these resources. There should be no expectation that office space or any other use of facilities/equipment will be automatically or routinely provided.

  6. With respect to financial support, combined gifts and grants and SHARE funds automatically revert to the control and management of the unit administrator upon retirement of the faculty member. If the emeritus or retired faculty member is conducting approved services or programmatic activities for the unit, and the unit administrator agrees prior to the effort, then expenditures such as travel, graduate student support, supplies, etc. can be justified and are appropriate.