IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Search and Screen Procedures for UF Faculty and Sub- Faculty

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 15, 1983


SUBJECT: IFAS; Search and Screen Procedures for UF Faculty and Sub- Faculty

Before beginning the search and screen procedure for faculty and sub-faculty positions, a unit administrator should review Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 6C1-1.0062. In accordance with 6C1-1.006 F.A.C., the following clarification or additions to the IFAS procedures apply:

  1. Some units may include the entire faculty for the search and screen committee.

  2. The search and screen committee will be provided with the appropriate evaluative checklist or reporting form by the unit administrator.

  3. The recruiting unit will be responsible for keeping the affirmative action file on each position recruited for a period of five (5) years.

  4. The IFAS application (attachment) will be used by all candidates applying for faculty or sub-faculty positions. A supply of applications may be ordered from IFAS Special Services (Building 440).

  5. The search and screen committee chairperson will submit a written report to the unit administrator concerning the committee's recommendations on the final applicants to be considered. The report should include the names of all candidates not forwarded for final consideration and the specific reason for not considering each candidate further.

  6. The procedure for securing approval to make an offer of employment to candidate is set forth in IMM 6C1-6.30-1-4, "IFAS; Procedure for Securing Approval to Make Offer of Employment to a Candidate." Any questions or comments related to the search and screen procedures should be directed to the Office of Personnel Affairs, IFAS.