IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Procedures for Disposal of State Owned Property

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Procedures for Disposal of State Owned Property

  1. Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to initiate action to remove items from the property records. Examples are: lost or stolen, damaged or destroyed, worn out or obsolete, unneeded by unit but operative, etc. Items that are unneeded but operative may be advertised throughout IFAS for use by other units. If the item can be transferred to another IFAS Unit through donation or sale, send a complete description, location of item, name, address, and telephone number of a contact person to IFAS Fiscal Services, 2039 McCarty Hall, Gainesville, for circulation throughout IFAS.

  2. The action to remove items from the property records is initiated by the completion of a Report of Survey, FA -P-M- RS1/9-1-92 or FA Form FA-P-M-RS2/p-1-92 (Lost or Stolen). This form must be signed by the person who is accountable for the property, generally the Unit Administrator.

  3. The completed Report of Survey form is sent to IFAS Property Accounting where it is reviewed.

    If the Report of Survey form is approved, the pink copy is returned to the unit that originated the form and the items on the form can be removed from the originating unit's inventory by complying with the approval instructions of the form. If the Property Survey form is not approved, the form will be returned to the originating unit for additional information. The form can then be returned to the IFAS Property Manager.

    1. Copies of the Property Survey form are sent by IFAS Property Accounting to the University Property Accounting Office to be forwarded to the Surplus Property Warehouse. Personnel from the University Property Warehouse will pick up the items that are located on the Gainesville Campus.

    2. Items that are usable or repairable that are located away from Gainesville must either be brought to Gainesville or sent via the IFAS truck that makes periodic trips throughout the state. Each item must be placed in a closed container (box), labeled for delivery to the University Property Warehouse, and have a copy of the approved Property Survey form enclosed with the item.

  4. All IFAS Report of Survey forms concerning vehicles must be accompanied by a Request for Disposal of Mobile Equipment (IFAS Form 2511). The vehicle tag and gasoline credit cards must also be sent with the Report of Survey form.

  5. Lost or stolen items must be placed on the Report of Survey- Lost/Stolen form FA-P-M-RS2/9-1-92. These items require approval of the State Comptroller before being removed from inventory. (Detailed instructions on this procedure are stated on the Report of Survey-Lost/Stolen Form.)

  6. IFAS units in the Gainesville area may dump salvageable metal scrap only in the scrap pen located next to the Surplus Property Warehouse, Building 609, located on Radio Road. All other refuse must be disposed of either through a dumpster service contracted through the UF Physical Plant Division, a large construction type dumpster rented from the BFI Company, or hauled and dumped at one of the Alachua County landfills.

  7. IFAS units away from Gainesville should collect salvageable metal scrap in a single location. Scrap collected in this manner should be sold periodically to the highest bidder. The sale of scrap or other surplus property should be coordinated through the IFAS Purchasing Office to ensure compliance with University rules. The attached formats are to be used by units away from Gainesville when selling scrap (Exhibit A) or surplus property (Exhibit B). Sale of scrap should be sold on an "all or none" basis to encourage bidders to remove all scrap from the unit's scrap pile. Vehicles may be included in the sale if it is not feasible to comply with the instructions in paragraph 9) of the IMM. If a satisfactory bid is not received, the unit should arrange to dump the scrap either into a local landfill or other garbage facilities.

    Special Attention: The following "Restriction of Bidders" must be included in any bid papers for the sale of surplus property. Restriction of Bidders - The items herein listed may not be purchased by employees of the unit releasing the items, employees directly involved in the sale, their family, or their spouses.

  8. Operational vehicles or non-operational vehicles that have wheels and are towable can be brought to the University Surplus Property Warehouse scrap vehicle compound for disposal. Vehicles must be accompanied by an approved Report of Survey. The vehicle compound is locked at all times and access can be obtained by contacting the University of Florida Property Accounting Office, telephone 392-2556. Prior notice of delivery must be given to receive instructions for delivery to the compound.


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