IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Form Management

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Form Management

  1. Purpose

    The majority of all business records today are in paper form; therefore, the primary step in having an effective Records Management Program begins with control over forms used within the organization. The purpose of this IMM is to implement form uniformity and to integrate form management within the overall Records Management Program in IFAS. This will, in the long term, reduce the cost of buying forms and provide the best "tools" for employees to gather and transmit information. Loss of time and money often results from use of inefficient or poorly designed forms.

  2. Form Management

    1. Achieving a Form Management Program requires the following actions:

      1. Eliminate unnecessary forms, eliminate unnecessary copies, eliminate unnecessary items and consolidate items on the forms.

      2. Maximize use of standard formats.

      3. Conform to proper design, format and content.

      4. Maintain efficient reproduction, stocking and distribution.

    2. Newly created forms used interdepartmentally within IFAS should be sent to the IFAS Records Manager at Bldg 440. Each new form will be reviewed in terms of form design and to ascertain whether it duplicates the content and function of an already existing form. If a new form is to replace an obsolete form, that should be made known.

    3. Basic form requirements include the following:

      1. clear title.

      2. lines and boxes long enough for entry of data.

      3. instructions.

      4. proper form number.

      5. correct paper weight.

      6. standardized size (8 1/2 x 11).

      7. printed date of revision.

      8. page numbering if multi-paged.

    4. A copy of the final form will be maintained at the Records Center for reference purposes. This includes forms that are distributed by departments.

    5. Arrangements for printing, storing and distribution of forms by the Records Center should be made with the Records Manager prior to printing.

  3. Supply and Distribution

    Forms distributed throughout IFAS are stocked and distributed by the IFAS Records Center. This includes, but is not limited to, forms numbered unique to IFAS such as I.D. Requisitions and Travel Authorization Requests. These forms should not be ordered from Printing and Graphics Auxiliary. Doing so reduces the amount of forms allocated and available to IFAS.

    Forms used only by IFAS units are also stocked and distributed by the IFAS Records Center. For example, these forms include various soil and garden forms, office supply and duplication order forms.

    The telephone number to order forms is: (352) 392-1897.

  4. Costs

    1. Forms having a university-wide fiscal or administrative purpose are usually provided to IFAS free of charge; however, forms that must be uniquely numbered to be used and distributed within IFAS are paid for by IFAS Fiscal Services.

    2. Forms having a specific limited use benefiting only one department that are stocked and distributed from the IFAS Records Center are generally paid for by the benefiting department. Questions concerning ordering and delivery of these forms should be addressed to the IFAS Records Manager at (352) 392-1897.