IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Use of Property Off-Campus

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Use of Property Off-Campus

  1. The use of property (equipment, fixtures, and other tangible property) off-campus when transported in a privately owned vehicle and/or taken to a personal residence shall follow the University Handbook on Business Procedures, Chapter IV, Section 4E-1.04B. Following this procedure is for the protection of individual faculty and staff regarding intent of University property in personal possession.

    "Property may be assigned for use off campus only when the intended use furthers the goals of the University. A letter of request must be submitted to the Accountable Officer by the individual wishing to use the property. The letter will include a listing of the equipment and the location, and the period of intended use.
    A copy of this letter must be sent to the IFAS Property Manager.

  2. The use of property for outside employment/activity requires following University Handbook on Business Procedures, Chapter IV, Section 4E-1.04C. If property is taken off campus 4E- 1.04B also applies.

    "Equipment, facilities or services may be used in connection with approved outside employment/activity of University employees. There may be a charge for the use of equipment, facilities or services. The determination as to whether a charge is necessary for such use resides with the approving authority such as the Dean, Director or other supervisor of the employee who is engaged in the outside activity."