IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Sponsored Programs

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 27, 2000


SUBJECT: IFAS; Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs is charged to maintain an overview of the many individual research commitments of IFAS, as well as those training, demonstration, and extension projects sponsored by external agencies.

The term "sponsored programs" is an umbrella term referring to a number of distinctive relationships between the extramural donor and IFAS through the University. These include grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, or letters of agreement for projects directed by faculty and institutional grants. Sponsorship may come from individuals, foundations, industrial organizations, government, and international agencies. During the past few years, increasing amounts of federal and private funds have been made available for the support of these activities. These funds support programs that are at the heart of IFAS' mission. Generally, the "sponsored programs" funds are sought to develop and sustain programs that are innovative and which enrich present programs.

The Office of Sponsored Programs at IFAS is dedicated to assisting the faculty in support of their goals in obtaining external funding. The office strives to make opportunities for outside support known to the faculty and has established a faculty research profile database to disseminate the information quickly.

When potential funding is located, staff will assist with budget preparation, and advise on organization, general effectiveness, and technical correctness of an application. The staff will also assist with the procedures for processing an application through the University. Once an award is made, monitoring and advisory services are provided for both management and accounting matters.

Faculty members are encouraged to visit the office and discuss their projects with the staff. The office is open during the lunch hour to accommodate individuals who are unable to come by during normal business hours.