IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Grant or Contract Handling for County Offices

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Grant or Contract Handling for County Offices

  1. Policy Statement

    County Extension faculty may pursue extramural funding through grants or contracts if the proposed grant or contract is intended to augment or aid in activities described in the faculty member's currently approved plan of work. Proposed grant or contract activities should be coordinated with the county extension director and with appropriate state specialist(s). The District Director should be informed of proposed grant activities and must approve of any formal applications for grants or contracts prior to submission.

    IFAS Sponsored Programs provides assistance in the development of sources, preparation of budgets and management of grants and contracts. Refer to IMM Section 6C1-6.50 for more details on processing and managing grants, contracts and cooperative agreements through the Office of Sponsored Programs. Other sources for management assistance may be available though the grant offices of county government.

  2. Project Commitments

    Potential funding sources include internal university programs such as Energy Extension and Water Quality, and external sources such as local governments, water management districts, private entities and foundations.

    The budgets of proposed projects requiring assistance from state specialists and/or other faculty members should include travel and related expenses. More importantly, commitments for the use of the faculty members' time should not be made without prior contact and approval of the respective faculty, including obligations of production staff time from Educational Media and Services.

    Estimates of cost of production and distribution of any material or report should be developed with the assistance of the Education and Media Services Department prior to submission of the project to the IFAS Sponsored Programs Office if the project is to be submitted through the University.

  3. Management of Grant or Contract Funds

    County Offices have the option of managing grants or contracts locally or with the University. If, however, the grant or contract requires a commitment of University resources it must be managed through the University. Resources include specialist time, media services, university computing resources, matching funds, front-end funding, equipment use or other such activities which obligate the university to a specified performance level. Other considerations may be whether the project is single or multi-county, the amount of funding (generally projects of less than $1,000 will not be considered by the Sponsored Program Office) or the reporting requirements of the funding agency.

    Grants and contracts managed under the university must follow state and university rules for procurement and expenditure. Assistance in these matters is provided by the District Director's office. Failure to follow these rules may result in personal liability for unapproved or inappropriately processed expenditures.

    Activities related to the grant or contract are to be reported in the county faculty member's annual report of accomplishments in addition to any specific reporting requirements of the funding agency.

  4. Project Outputs

    The end-product of many grants and contracts may be educational media (publications, video productions, slide/tapes, and etc) or reports which will be distributed to the public. Peer review and approval are required prior to release of such material, the same as for other Extension publications. The District Director, subject matter specialist and the appropriate program area dean must review and approve these works.