IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) Procedure

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) Procedure

  1. A Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) is an abbreviated contract form approved by the University for establishing a legal commitment between IFAS and a sponsor. The SPA (Form No. IGO-4001) may be used whenever a sponsor provides no alternative document and is agreeable to a "fixed cost" contract in which the sponsor awards a fixed level of funding and does not require accounting reports, routine billing schedules, or return of unused funds.

  2. IFAS only accepts awards of more than $1,000 and encourages a funding minimum of $2,500. Smaller amounts are disproportionately costly to administer. However, they may be acceptable as gifts (see IMM No. 6C1-6.60-1).

  3. Procedure for Processing Sponsored Program Agreements:

    1. The IFAS Sponsored Programs office should be consulted when a sponsor requests administrative commitments beyond those specified on the SPA. Such provisions are negotiated by IFAS Sponsored Programs.

    2. Following any negotiations, the principal investigator (PI) prepares an SPA, work plan (which is a sentence in item I or referenced as "attached" in item I on the SPA), and an SPA "budget for Commercial Grants" form (available in IFAS Sponsored Programs Office) for the unit administrator's review and acceptance. The "University of Florida Sponsored Projects Approval Form" is not required. After the unit administrator's signature of acceptance is obtained on the SPA, these items are forwarded to IFAS Sponsored Programs by the PI.

    3. IFAS Sponsored Programs reviews the proposal for administrative acceptability to IFAS, seeks approval of the appropriate dean and forwards the package to the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) along with a letter of transmittal for University approval ("Authorized Official" signature). See also IMM 6C1-6.50-3 regarding Signatures of Acceptance.

    4. Payment in full, in advance, is encouraged to make funds available as needed and to avoid billing. Full payment SPA funds are deposited in the Unit's combined grants account and a Notice of Award (NOA) is issued for the award. If billing is required, a separate account number must be established; in these accounts, any balances remaining at the close of the program period should be transferred to the Unit's combined grants account in accordance with IMM No. 6C1- 6.50-7.

    5. When a sponsor-executed SPA is returned to IFAS Sponsored Programs, any accompanying funds are transmitted to the IFAS Contracts and Grants Accounting Section for deposit into the appropriate account, and a NOA sheet is prepared and distributed by IFAS Sponsored Programs.