IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Temporary Award Procedure

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Temporary Award Procedure

  1. During the preaward period there is often a need to expedite the principal investigator's (PI) ability to execute personnel transactions and to commit funds. A grant account number (routinely assigned when formal award notice is received) is necessary to identify such transactions. Under the conditions identified below, the PI may obtain a temporary award prior to formal award notice.

  2. Necessary condition

    The IFAS Sponsored Programs staff must be able to determine from the grantor that the new award, renewal or continuation is approved and that the formal notice is merely delayed by the sponsor's own processing cycle. IFAS Sponsored Programs must be able to verify from the grantor, at a minimum, the project beginning and ending dates as well as the approved budget amount in order to proceed with a temporary request. If a categorized budget is not already on file with the IFAS Sponsored Programs office, one must accompany the request for a temporary award.

  3. Procedure for obtaining a temporary award.

    1. As soon as the PI determines his or her proposal (or continuation) is approved, the PI notifies IFAS Sponsored Programs by a written request. A copy of the "Advanced Release/Extension Request" form is available in the the IFAS Sponsored Programs office.

    2. IFAS Sponsored Programs will prepare a temporary award authorizing the project period and releasing 100% of the Salary and OPS funds and 25% of the OE and OCO funds. IFAS Sponsored Programs will obtain an account number from IFAS Accounting and distribute the temporary award copies to the PI and others.

    3. When the account number is received, the PI may initiate transactions up to the amount shown on the temporary award.

  4. Receipt of the final award notice is monitored by the IFAS Sponsored Programs staff in coordination with the PI.