IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Supporting Faculty Travel with SHARE Funds

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 25, 1995


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Supporting Faculty Travel with SHARE Funds

  1. Faculty may utilize SHARE funds to pay travel expenses associated with their work, provided the donor doesn't prohibit the use of the funds for this purpose. The unit administrator approves in advance the travel to be performed, and approves using SHARE funds to support the travel.

  2. The unit administrator will determine which of the following reimbursement methods is to be used.

    1. As set forth by the University, the unit administrator may choose to reimburse faculty on the basis of actual expenses incurred. Reimbursement will be made by check directly from the Foundation. If this method is used, original receipts covering all expenditures must be provided with the request for reimbursement. Travel expenses (lodging, meals, transportation, etc.) reimbursed with SHARE funds must be in accordance with normal expected rates and "must not be lavish or extravagant in accordance with both Internal Revenue Service rules and University policy."

    2. The unit administrator may choose to reimburse faculty on a per diem basis in accordance with current UF/IFAS travel policy or use the option of actual room cost at single occupancy rate plus meal allowance. If either option is utilized, SHARE funds shall first be transferred to a designated miscellaneous gifts and grants account with no indirect costs being charged against funds to be used for travel (See IMM 6C1-6.60-3). The travel reimbursement is then processed through normal channels.

  3. Limited travel advances are available from the University of Florida Foundation, Inc. to assist those who feel that an excessive amount of personal funds will be needed to perform a specific trip. A promissory note shall be signed, attached to the written request by the faculty member and forwarded through the appropriate unit administrator through the SHARE Fiscal Office to the Office of Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources for approval and processing. Payment shall be made in full to the Foundation upon receipt of the state warrant covering the travel.