IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Long Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty

EFFECTIVE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Long Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty

The following describes recruitment, hiring, supervision, salary and allowances for faculty who accept long term overseas assignments. A long term assignment is for more than twelve months in duration. When faculty in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are considered for such assignments, the following procedures apply:


    1. Overseas positions in technical assistance contracts are advertised and faculty have to apply for particular positions. A Search and Screen committee is identified and all other procedures such as the need for a letter of application, CV, Biographical Data Sheet, letters of recommendation, etc., will be named at the time of advertising. The interview process may require meetings on campus and at the project site. In the few cases where a faculty member is specifically identified in a contract, that faculty member need not compete for the position and the position need not be advertised.

    2. During negotiation with faculty and the Office of International Programs for Agriculture and Natural Resources (IP-ANR), the appropriate department chair, center director, dean or deans, and the vice president are informed of those negotiations. A review of the faculty member's overseas scope of work will be undertaken by the administrators listed above. If a faculty member is selected for the overseas assignment, a plan for replacing the faculty member's services at UF will be developed by the unit administrator in association with other IFAS administrators. This plan will include provisions for the return of the faculty member to the unit upon completion of his/her overseas service.

    3. The faculty member's salary is released to his/her unit.


    1. Appointment papers will be processed by IP-ANR. Some assistance may be requested from the faculty member's unit. Adjustments to appointment papers while the faculty member is overseas will be completed by IP-ANR.

    2. If necessary, the decision to remove a faculty member from overseas service is made by the director of IP-ANR with input from UF's field representative.

    3. Once hired, IP-ANR will assist the faculty member and dependents with preparing for the move overseas. A guide to long term technical assistance in the particular foreign country will be provided.


    1. Administrative supervision is the responsibility of the director of IP-ANR. This includes gathering information for completion of the annual evaluation of performance. Administrative input from UF's field representative and technical input from the unit administrator will be collected for the evaluation. The form utilized to evaluate faculty while overseas is designed specifically for that purpose and is included as a part of this IMM. The form is subject to revision with input from unit administrators and others. When revisions occur, this IMM will be modified to include them.

    2. Technical supervision of the faculty member's specialty is the responsibility of the unit administrator. Technical and administrative supervision of field activities is the responsibility of UF's field representative.

    3. Leave records for the faculty member will be maintained by IP-ANR.

    4. Paperwork associated with travel for the faculty member and dependents will be completed by IP-ANR.


    1. Several types of overseas salary incentives and allowances may be available depending upon the terms of the contract between the sponsor and UF.

    2. The base salary paid to a faculty member serving in a long term overseas assignment will be determined, in most cases, jointly by the sponsor, the director of IP-ANR and the unit administrator.

    3. An individual's base salary (i.e., gross salary less all supplements, allowances, etc.) is the basis upon which salary increases are calculated. The decision to grant a salary increase to a long term technical advisor will be made by the director of IP-ANR with input from the unit administrator and the UF field representative.

    4. Upon completion of a long term overseas assignment, the faculty member's salary reverts to the initial base salary plus any increases to the base awarded during the tour of duty.