IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Short Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty

EFFECTIVE: December 1, 1993


SUBJECT: IFAS; Short Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty

The following describes recruitment, hiring, supervision and salary for faculty who accept short term overseas assignments. A short term assignment is for twelve months or less in duration. When faculty in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are considered for such assignments, the following procedures apply:


    When short term overseas positions are available, IFAS faculty are sought to fill that need. During the search for suitable candidates, the appropriate department chair, center director, dean(s) and the vice president are informed.


    1. Appointment papers will be processed by the office of International Programs for Agriculture and Natural Resources (IP-ANR). Some assistance may be requested from the faculty member's unit. Adjustments to appointment papers while the faculty member is overseas will be completed by IP-ANR. A completed Form 2639 is required (sample included with this IMM) and shall be submitted with appropriate signatures along with Form 250 in the appointment process.

    2. If necessary, the decision to remove a faculty member from overseas service is made by the IP-ANR director with input from UF's field representative.

    3. Once selected, IP-ANR will assist the faculty member with travel preparations. A guide to short term technical assistance in the particular foreign country will be provided to the faculty member.


    Supervision during the short term assignment is the joint responsibility of the IP-ANR director, the unit administrator and the UF's field representative.


    The salary paid to a faculty member serving in a short term overseas assignment remains unchanged from his/her current salary and is funded by the contract. In most cases, no allowances or additional salary incentives are allowed by funding agencies. Salary funds saved as a result of the overseas assignment will be returned to the unit by IFAS administration.