IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Identity Standards for UF/IFAS and UF/IFAS Units and Sub-Units

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 6, 2003


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Identity Standards for UF/IFAS and UF/IFAS Units and Sub-Units

The University of Florida and its Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are among the very best and most complex educational institutions in the nation. In an era of accountability and relevance, the various elements of the University, including UF/IFAS, must project a clear image and branding through a coordinated identification program. A coordinated graphic look has a cumulative effect on various audiences. It also projects the fact that the University and its units, including IFAS, are a multi-disciplined, multi-functional organization with a unified identity.

    1. The wordmark, the words "University of Florida" used as a logo, is the primary element to generally represent the University of Florida. "FLORIDA" dominates the wordmark because it is the one word identifier which distinguishes UF from other universities. "FLORIDA" also dominates the wordmark to symbolize the University's standing as the state's largest and most comprehensive university. "FLORIDA" is the one word identifier for the University.
    2. The wordmark, combined with University seal and a single line, form the official University of Florida mark. The University's mark is legally protected as the registered mark of the University of Florida.
    1. To reflect the diversity and the multi-faceted nature of the University of Florida, institutes, colleges, and units may modify the basic UF mark to reflect their specific identity as appropriate. For UF/IFAS, the basic variation mark is the UF mark with the letters “IFAS” appearing below the line, either centered in the space between the left and right boundaries of the mark proper or flush left under the mark proper (even with the left-hand boundaries of the mark). For the IFAS mark, the “IFAS” letters should be the same size as the word “FLORIDA.” Variations of this official UF/IFAS mark have been approved for IFAS Extension, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station. Unit designations may appear on a separate line below the IFAS letters, should use upper and lower case, and should be no larger than one-quarter (25%) of the size of the IFAS letters. Guidelines for using the UF/IFAS mark, including variations, are found in the UF/IFAS Marketing & Communications Manual, available from the Marketing & Communications Office, G031 McCarty Hall, PO Box 110135, or it may be accessed through the Marketing & Communications web page at: http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/. Official UF/IFAS marks are available for download at http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/wordmarks.html. Requests for exceptions for other wordmark variations should be addressed to the Office of Marketing & Communications, G031 McCarty Hall, PO Box 110135, Gainesville, FL 32611-0135, 352-392-0437.
    2. The UF/IFAS official typeface is Palatino (called Palacio, Book Antiqua, or other names by various companies). The official UF/IFAS colors are orange and blue. The exact shades for printing purposes are PMS-286 for the blue and PMS-172 for the orange.
    3. Athletic Association symbols, logos, or representations; representations of University of Florida Foundation programs; or self-styled logos or marks may not be used as substitutes for the UF/IFAS mark without prior written approval for exception. A request for such exceptions should be addressed to the Office of Marketing & Communications, G031 McCarty Hall, PO Box 110135, Gainesville, FL 32611-0135, 352-392-0437.

    In an effort to maximize the impact of the UF/IFAS identity and to gain common recognition of each department, unit, center or office as parts of UF/IFAS, all are strongly encouraged to embrace the UF/IFAS name in addition to disciplinary, regional, center, or county office identity. While mention of the local, regional or disciplinary is recognized as important, the overarching UF/IFAS organizational identifier must take precedence and must be the dominant mark on signage, letterhead, telephone identification, novelty items, etc. Identity standards for all UF/IFAS units can be found in the UF/IFAS Marketing & Communications Manual at http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/.

    The use of the Internet for communications purposes through e-mail and development of World Wide Web pages for posting information about organizations and units and sub-units of organizations have become increasingly important forms of communication. Accordingly, care must be taken that UF/IFAS e-mail addresses and web pages and those of official units and sub-units reflect a common identity in a manner similar to identity standards for printed publications, business cards, stationery, signage, etc. UF/IFAS e-mail users should incorporate the IFASDOM domain and include “ifas.ufl.edu” in their official e-mail address. Additionally, the official web page for each UF/IFAS unit or sub-unit should incorporate an index page, which is a variation of the official UF/IFAS web page. In addition to linking to the unit or sub-unit page, this index page should contain, at a minimum, the UF/IFAS mark, a hot link to the University of Florida web page, an indication of who is responsible for maintaining the page, and when it was last updated. The template for the required index page may be found at http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/. The shading, color, and graphical relationships of the elements of the index page may not be modified without prior approval of the UF/IFAS Office of Marketing & Communications.

    In no case should the UF/IFAS mark, University of Florida mark, or other University identifiers be placed on official IFAS vehicles. No visual identifier other than the vehicle number should appear on official UF/IFAS vehicles.