IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; Internal Management Memoranda Series

EFFECTIVE DATE:  October 25, 2010


SUBJECT:  IFAS; Internal Management Memoranda Series

  1. The Administrative Procedures Act (APA; Chapter 120, Florida Statutes) provides that in addition to law, there may be two other sources of policy; one, being rules, the other being referred to as Internal Management Memorandum (IMM).  Those IFAS policies which meet the criteria of rules as provided in the APA are to be promulgated as rules.  However, many remaining IFAS policies and procedures do not meet the criteria of rules; nevertheless, it is desirable to publish these policies and procedures. IFAS has elected to publish the remainder of its operating policies and procedures in the format of an IMM series, patterned after the rules format provided for by the APA.
  2. Please place the Internal Management Memoranda series in a binder for ready reference.  From time to time, additional or updated IMM will be issued, while others will be discontinued.
  3. In the future, as you consider developing and instituting a new policy and/or procedure for your unit that might "substantially affect the private interests of a person or is important to the public," you should follow the procedure below.  The IFAS Faculty Assembly may also submit items or issues it feels need to be promulgated as IMM, or suggest changes to or deletion of existing IMM.
  4. When new or revised IMM are required, a draft of the proposed IMM will be submitted to the Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources by the IFAS entity responsible for the policy issue.  The IMM should be submitted in outline form and double-spaced in Word format.
  5. The Senior Vice President and the deans will determine if the proposed IMM should go through the rule-making process or may be published as an IMM.  If it is determined that it should be published as an IMM, the Senior Vice President and deans will review, in consultation with appropriate administrative units, and will also forward to the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee for their review. 
  6. After the IMM has been reviewed and finalized, it will be posted on the IFAS Human Resources website (http://imm.ifas.ufl.edu).
  7. Steps should be taken by each unit administrator to fully inform all faculty and staff about the IFAS IMM.