IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series; Bulletins/Circulars

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 21, 2001


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series; Bulletins/Circulars

The Florida Agricultural Experiment Station (FAES) Journal Series mechanism provides funds to assist faculty with page charges, reprints and other costs associated with publication. It also enables the FAES to track and catalog the published results of its collective research effort. The intent is to support the cost of disseminating research reports by IFAS faculty. If a faculty member regularly conducts and publishes research they should have a FAES appointment and a FAES/CRIS project.

The FAES makes an enormous investment in research in support of the agricultural and natural resource industries of the state of Florida. It is imperative that the results of these efforts be transmitted to the public domain. Consequently, to ensure and facilitate the publication of refereed papers in quality journals and the publication of non-refereed articles in appropriate venues, the FAES supports the FAES Journal Series. The principle behind the Journal Series is the FAES core mission which is to create and communicate new knowledge. The peer reviewed refereed literature serves to archive new knowledge, communicate it to other scientists, and establish a standard of quality. The FAES mission also extends beyond the scientific community to conduct research in the public's interest since we are funded and obligated by direct support from the state and federal government. Therefore, the Journal Series also includes Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins/Circulars, Regional Publications, Trade Journals, Book Chapters, Abstracts and other recognized publications that further disseminate new knowledge.

  1. To be eligible for Journal Series funding to support publication charges, the following conditions should be met:

    1. The manuscript must be a research publication as opposed to an extension or teaching publication. Additionally, one or more authors should have a research appointment in the FAES and the new knowledge developed under an approved FAES/CRIS Project.

    2. Form FAES-2132 (Manuscript Transmittal Form) available from the Dean for Research website (http://research.ifas.ufl.edu/; follow Journal Series link) should be submitted to the Dean for Research Office with a copy of the draft manuscript for approval by the FAES Director.

    3. Prior to submission of Form FAES-2132, the manuscript should be reviewed internally. Following review, the form should be completed, including the FAES/ CRIS Project number and signed by the principle scientist and unit leader.

    4. After the manuscript is published, two reprints or photocopies with the complete citation should be sent to the Dean for Research Office.

  2. Citing the Journal Series Number in the Publication
    The FAES requires that all submissions carry an acknowledgment of credit to the FAES and a formal Journal Series Number to be located within the footnote section, or in the Acknowledgments:

    1. This research was supported by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, and approved for publication as Journal Series No._______.

    2. If grant support was involved, then: "This research was supported by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and a grant(s) from ..... [list supporter(s)] ......, and approved for publication as Journal Series No._______.

  3. Use of Color Plates
    The FAES supports the use of color plates in publications where it is appropriate and necessary to convey research results. The FAES will provide payment for one-half of the charges associated with color plates that are published in articles authored by IFAS faculty and meet the above criteria for Journal Series funding. The remaining one-half of the color plate charge is funded through one of the author's grant or SHARE accounts. The remaining page and reprint charges are taken from the unit's Journal Series account. Please submit a letter to the Dean for Research Office requesting support for color plate charges, including the color plate charge along with other reprint and page charges.

  4. Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins/Circulars
    FAES Bulletins or Circulars are a means of communicating research results and information of interest to various sectors of the agricultural sector including professional and scientific audiences as well as clientele groups. The following procedure is used for publication of FAES Bulletins or Circulars:

    1. Four copies of the manuscript and a completed FAES-2132 Manuscript Transmittal Form (including author and unit leader signatures) are submitted to the Dean for Research Office.

    2. The Dean for Research Office will coordinate peer review of the manuscript. Reviewer comments and suggestions will be returned to the author for appropriate revision. The author will return the revised manuscript in both hard copy and electronic formats to the Dean for Research Office.

    3. Following final approval, the manuscript will be forwarded to IFAS Communication Services for formatting and printing. IFAS Communication Services will coordinate layout and printing with the author.