IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

IFAS; York Distinguished Lecturer Series

EFFECTIVE DATE: May 22, 2008


SUBJECT: IFAS; York Distinguished Lecturer Series 

  1.  Purpose and Scope

    The York Distinguished Lecturer Series, endowed in 1984 by E. T. and Vam York, attracts national and world leaders to serve as guest lecturers at the University of Florida (UF). There are normally one or two lectures per year. Each of the York Distinguished Lecturers visit the UF campus for two to three days while they interact with faculty and students, present a departmental seminar, visit various administrators and present a public lecture. Periodically, an additional lecture may be added to the schedule in a given year if appropriate.
  2. York Distinguished Lecturer Committee

    1. In conjunction with the Lecturer Series, a York Distinguished Lecturer Committee exists to issue calls for Lecturer nominations from UF faculty, receive and evaluate the nominations and make recommendations to the UF Senior Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources (SVP), for individuals to be invited to serve as York Distinguished Lecturers.
    2. The Committee is comprised of a Chair and Vice-Chair and four other members appointed by the SVP. The Chair is appointed for a term of two years. The Chair shall administer the business of the committee including convening and conducting Lecturer nominee evaluation meetings and serve as liaison to the SVP, or his/her designee. The Vice-Chair shall serve for a four-year term and shall assume the position of Committee Chair when the existing Chair rotates off the Committee. The remaining four members of the Committee are appointed by the SVP to varying term lengths of three-year rotating terms. Initial appointments will be for one, two, or three-years to establish the rotation.
  3. Nomination and Selection Procedures/Lecture Honorarium

    1. The Committee shall issue calls for nomination as required to accommodate the Lecturer schedule and shall meet as necessary to evaluate nominees and recommend finalists to the SVP.
    2. Once a nomination is received, the Committee is charged with reviewing and jurying those nominations and recommending any who might be pursued over an indeterminate period of time.
    3. Any national or world leaders may be nominated as a York Distinguished Lecturer. Any UF faculty member may nominate candidates for a York Distinguished Lecturer. Nomination packets should include the individual's curriculum vitae, and ideally, one or two supporting letters from outside the University, and several supporting letters from within the University. Packets should be endorsed by the department chair(s), as one or more appropriate department(s) will be expected to actively participate in hosting the York Distinguished Lecturer.
    4. The SVP (or equivalent position within UF/IFAS) should be invited to give a York Distinguished Lecture within a year or two after stepping down or retiring from the position. The incumbent SVP and the Committee shall initiate the invitations and arrangements.
    5. After the potential Lecturers are selected by the Committee and approved by the SVP, the SVP or his/her designee will contact a potential host department as appropriate depending on the subject matter/lecture topic of a given Lecturer and inform that department of the selection of the York Lecturer. The SVP and/or his/her designee will then contact the potential Lecturer and determine an appropriate date and time for a public lecture and the Lecturer's UF visit dates. The SVP or his/her designee will also coordinate the arrangements for the Lecturer's visit in cooperation with the host department, including the public lecture and complementary events surrounding the lecture. Such events should include a pre-lecture dinner, departmental seminar(s), meetings with appropriate faculty, students and administrators, a pre-lecture luncheon, and post-lecture social activities.
    6. An honorarium of $ 3,500 will be provided to each York Distinguished Lecturer upon the completion of his/her public lecture. The amount of the honorarium will be evaluated from time to time to compensate for marketplace conditions. York Distinguished Lecturers shall also be reimbursed for approved and documented expenses, including travel (coach class air fare), meals, hotel accommodations as may be required, and all other expenses (such as radio and newspaper announcements) related to the Lecturer from the York Endowment.