IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

UF/IFAS; Web Policy Standards for Units and Sub-Units

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 22, 2008


SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Web Policy Standards for Units and Sub-Units

  1. Introduction

    The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida (UF) produces and manages Web sites to communicate the teaching, research, and extension programs, following the land-grant mission of UF.

    With a view toward ensuring that UF/IFAS Web sites reflect the reputation and professionalism of our teaching, research, and extension programs, the following guidelines have been developed. The purpose of this document is to assist faculty and staff in contributing to a consistent and professional Web presence, to ensure a positive experience for Web users, and to increase UF and UF/IFAS brand recognition among all clientele.

    The policies detailed in this document will change over time to adapt to new technologies and needs of faculty and staff. For more information about the guidelines provided in this document or other Web-related questions, please contact the IFAS Web Team at (352) 392-2411 or webteam@ifas.ufl.edu.
  2. IFAS and Affiliate Web Sites

    All policies outlined in this document are intended for faculty, staff, and administrators in UF/IFAS who produce and manage Web sites and Web content. UF/IFAS policies apply fully to sites which are hosted on UF/IFAS servers. UF/IFAS affiliated sites include sites hosted on servers not owned and maintained by UF, such as county office Web sites. Affiliated Web sites must follow the UF acceptable use guidelines and state and federal laws.
  3. UF Policies and Guidelines

    All UF/IFAS Web sites must comply with both the UF Policy for Acceptable Use of Computing Resources and the other policies outlined in this document. The use of university computing resources, like the use of other university-provided resources and activities, is subject to the requirements of legal and ethical behavior. Users of UF/IFAS computing resources must comply with federal and state laws, university rules and policies, and the terms of applicable contracts including software licenses while using university computing resources.
  4. State and Federal Laws

    IFAS and affiliated Web sites, as well as users of UF/IFAS computing resources, must comply with federal and state laws.
  5. Oversight

    An IFAS Web Team Advisory Committee will oversee this policy and recommend changes as appropriate. This Committee will include representatives from Extension, CALS, Research, the Office of Information Technology (IT), and IT District Support, among others.

    When technical problems or policy violations are observed on any UF/IFAS Web site, the IFAS Web Team Advisory Committee will contact the Web site manager to explain the problems and ask that changes be made as soon as possible to comply with appropriate UF/IFAS Web policy. Failure to comply with the policies in this document could result in limitations on or termination of Web privileges for the individual(s) or unit involved.

    The IFAS Web Team Advisory Committee has the authority to make changes to any UF/IFAS-branded Web site without prior notification in order to correct technical problems, resolve security issues, and correct policy or legal violations. Web managers will be informed as soon as possible where corrective action has been taken.
  6. Identity and Branding

    Based on feedback from focus groups of stakeholders and faculty members, UF/IFAS has chosen the tagline “Solutions for Your Life” for its Web sites. To maintain consistent institutional branding for all UF/IFAS pages, cascading style sheets (CSS) are available to standardize the text size, style, colors, and links within the various page elements (content, header, footer, and navigation).

    UF and UF/IFAS guidelines require that the following information be readily accessible on the main page of every Web site:
    • The name of the unit or group represented by the page;
    • A means of contacting the person(s) responsible for maintaining the page content;
    • The date of last revision;
    • The university signature (Available at: http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/wordmarks.html); and
    • An active link to the UF home page.
      1. Graphics and Identity

        Where applicable, the "Solutions for Your Life" (SFYL) tagline should be used as a main graphic element or link from all UF/IFAS Web sites with an external focus. Several versions of the SFYL image or theme-line graphic are available from the IFAS Communications Web Site (http://ics.ifas.ufl.edu/). In order to maintain continuity in UF/IFAS theme and appearance, the SFYL graphics cannot be altered or manipulated.
      2. Coding and Identity

        Tags inside the HEAD section of an HTML document are used to supply information to browsers, search engines, and other tools used to discover, display, sort, and manage Web pages. The TITLE tag must be included on all Web pages; it is used to generate the display name in the browser top bar, bookmarks, and in search results. The description meta tag is recommended for all site home pages; many search engines include information in this field in their search results.
  7. Web Site Maintenance
    1. Content Review

      Content on UF/IFAS Web sites must reflect current information. Each department, center, unit, or office must coordinate a review of Web site content at least annually for accuracy and timeliness. The Web Advisory Committee may authorize the removal of content identified as out of date if it has not been updated after the matter has been brought to the unit’s attention.
    2. Technical Review

      The IFAS Web Team Advisory Committee may initiate technical reviews of selected Web sites. The committee will encourage administrators, faculty, staff, and various technology committees to bring to their attention any branding, maintenance, or other technical issues, so that corrective action can occur.
    3. New Web Site Requests

      New UF/IFAS Web site requests should be in accordance to the UF and IFAS Domain Name Policy (http://imm.ifas.ufl.edu/6_150/6150-6.htm) and will be subject to approval by the Web Team Advisory Committee.
      The following information will be required before server space will be provided:
      • Faculty or staff person responsible for the site
      • Approval of unit supervisor
      • Names and Gatorlink IDs of contributors to the site
      • Purpose of the Web site
      • Web server features required
      • How the Web site serves IFAS’ mission

      The Web site request form is available at http://itsa.ifas.ufl.edu/webhosting/getsite.aspx.