IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

Assessment of Executive Associate VP and Support Unit Directors

The following are responsibilities and expectations of individuals in these positions:


Responsibility Assessment


Provides vision and progressive leadership in planning,  developing, and implementing  unit programs



Demonstrates leadership in recruiting and also in fostering growth and professional development of faculty and staff



Administers unit’s human and financial resources wisely



Demonstrates effective use of advisory committees



Assigns responsibilities to  staff, and evaluates their performance, and resolves performance and behavioral issues effectively and timely



Represents unit’s interests with administrators, other departments and units, outside agencies, state and federal agencies, partners and collaborators, and appropriate individuals and groups



Collaborates with the Senior Vice President, Deans, Associates Deans, other IFAS Chairs and Research and Education Center Directors, and other administrators in providing leadership for delivering  services to meet the needs of faculty and staff



Demonstrates effective administrative leadership and managerial skills in defining organizational objectives; developing strategic approaches to planning, managing human, fiscal, and physical resources; generating and managing grant funds in support of IFAS programs



Listens effectively, communicates, and represents the unit with administrators, agencies, industry, and on- and off-campus interest groups



Demonstrates commitment to continued personal professional development for self and staff



Demonstrates strong support and understanding of the mission of a land-grant university



Promotes a diverse workforce and equal employment opportunities



Overall Assessment (Circle Rating)

Outstanding                                                            Unacceptable
10        9        8        7        6        5        4        3        2        1

The unit leader should____ should not_____ be reappointed.