IFAS Internal Management Memoranda

Table of Contents

Revised November 24, 2008

6C1-6.00....IFAS; Internal Management Memoranda Series


6C-6.01-1 IFAS; Mission and Organization


6C1-6.10-1 IFAS; Administrative Council

6C1-6.10-2 IFAS; UF/IFAS Faculty Council


6C1-6.20-1 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.20-2 IFAS; Procedures for Requesting Fund Category Conversions

6C1-6.20-3 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.20-4 IFAS; International Program Opportunity Technical Assistance Salary Savings

6C1-6.20-5 IFAS; UF/IFAS; Faculty Salary Savings Policy

6C1-6.20-6 IFAS; UF/IFAS; Faculty Special Assignment Procedure


6C1-6.30-1 Faculty

6C1-6.30-1-1 IFAS; Approval Process for Filling Faculty Positions (moved from 6C1-6.30-1-16)

6C1-6.30-1-2 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-1-3 IFAS; Search and Screen Procedures for Faculty and Sub-faculty

6C1-6.30-1-4 IFAS; Procedure for Securing Approval to Make Offer of Employment to a Candidate

6C1-6.30-1-5 IFAS; Sustained Performance Evaluation Program (SPEP); and IFAS Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

6C1-6.30-1-6 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-1-7 IFAS; Final Clearance Before Faculty/A&P Separations

6C1-6.30-1-8 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-1-9 IFAS; Faculty Annual Evaluation

6C1-6.30-1-10 IFAS; Professional Development Leave Procedures

6C1-6.30-1-11 IFAS; Leave of Absence Without Pay 

6C1-6.30-1-12 IFAS; Disclosure of IFAS Outside Employment/Activity/Consulting for Faculty and A&P

6C1-6.30-1-13 IFAS; E.T. York, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

6C1-6.30-1-14 IFAS; Administrator Evaluation Forms

6C1-6.30-1-15 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-1-16 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-1-17 IFAS; Relocation/Transferring Faculty

6C1-6.30-1-18 IFAS; Guidelines for Establishment of the IFAS Tenure, Permanent Status, and Promotion Committee and Composition of the IFAS Tenure, Permanent Status, and Promotion Committee

6C1-6.30-1-19: UF/IFAS Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources Invited Lecture Series

6C1-6.30-1-20: IFAS; Emeritus Faculty Process

6C1-6.30-2 USPS

6C1-6.30-2-1 IFAS; Classification Actions Requests for University Support Personnel System (USPS) and Administrative and Professional (A&P) Positions

6C1-6.30-2-2 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-2-3 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-2-4 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-2-5 IFAS; Special Pay Increases and Bonus Pay Guidelines/Procedures for USPS and A&P Employees

6C1-6.30-3 A&P

6C1-6.30-3-1 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-4 OPS

6C1-6.30-4-1 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-4-2 (Title deleted)

6C1-6.30-5 GENERAL

6C1-6.30-5-1 IFAS; Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreements

6C1-6.30-5-2 IFAS; Employment of Relatives/Nepotism


6C1-6.40-1 IFAS; Purchasing Policies and Procedures

6C1-6.40-2 IFAS; Policies and Procedures Governing the Assignment and Use of State-Owned Housing in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

6C1-6.40-3 IFAS; Procedures for Requesting Moving Expenses

6C1-6.40-4 IFAS; Policy and Procedures Governing Vending Machines and Concession Type Operations

6C1-6.40-5 IFAS; Form 90 Procedures and UF Form 90 Procedures -- Regarding Renovations (Alterations, Remodeling, and Improvements), New Construction (including minor buildings) and Land Improvements

6C1-6.40-6 IFAS; Travel Policies and Procedures

6C1-6.40-7 IFAS; Pricing Policy, Incidental Sales

6C1-6.40-8 IFAS; Combined Grant Accounts and Record Maintenance Procedures

6C1-6.40-9 IFAS; Procedures for Accounting for Fund Advances Used at Remote Locations

6C1-6.40-10 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.40-11 IFAS; Information Resource Acquisition Process

6C1-6.40-12 IFAS; Policy and Procedures for Distributing Accretion of Value Resulting From Sales of U.F. Foundation (SHARE) Owned Livestock

6C1-6.40-13 IFAS; Cash Receipts

6C1-6.40-14 IFAS; Damage Covered by Insurance

6C1-6.40-15 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.40-16 IFAS; Procedures for Disposal of State Owned Property

6C1-6.40-17 IFAS; Revolving Fund Policies

6C1-6.40-18 IFAS; Policy and Procedure for Retention, Disposal and Inspection of Public Records

6C1-6.40-19 IFAS; Policy for Disposal of Live Animals, Carcasses, Meat Products and Feed

6C1-6.40-20 IFAS; Form Management

6C1-6.40-21 IFAS; Federal Excess Property Program Policies and Procedures

6C1-6.40-22 IFAS; Use of Property Off Campus

6C1-6.40-23 IFAS; Electricity Savings

6C1-6.40-24 IFAS; Reviewing Annual Fees and Charges


6C1-6.50-1 IFAS; Sponsored Programs

6C1-6.50-2 IFAS; Processing Components and Procedure for IFAS Contract, Grant and Cooperative Agreement Funds Acceptance

6C1-6.50-3 IFAS; Signatures of Acceptance for IFAS Sponsored Programs

6C1-6.50-4 IFAS; Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) Procedure

6C1-6.50-5 IFAS; Temporary Award Procedure

6C1-6.50-6 IFAS; Time Extensions, Continuations, Renewals, and Modifications of Sponsored Programs

6C1-6.50-7 IFAS; Fixed Cost Contract

6C1-6.50-8 IFAS; Preproposals

6C1-6.50-14 IFAS; Acceptance Procedure of IFAS Sea Grant Program

6C1-6.50-15 IFAS; Commodity Check-Off Funds

6C1-6.50-16 IFAS; Bidding Exemption with Contract and Grant Funds

6C1-6.50-17 IFAS; Grant or Contract Handling for County Offices

6C1-6.60....S.H.A.R.E. PROGRAM

6C1-6.60-1 IFAS; Definition of "Gift"

6C1-6.60-2 IFAS; Gift Classifications; UFF SHARE Account Establishment; Receipt, Deposit and Processing of Gifts; Fee Assessment Policy; Disbursements; Requesting Use of SHARE General Funds

6C1-6.60-3 IFAS; Transferring Funds from a UFF SHARE Account to a Grant Account

6C1-6.60-4 IFAS; Supporting Faculty Travel with SHARE Funds

6C1-6.60-5 IFAS; Use of SHARE FUNDS for Construction of Facilities

6C1-6.60-6 IFAS; UF Foundation, Inc. Receipt Procedure for Recording Sale of Livestock

6C1-6.60-7 IFAS; UFF SHARE Named Professorships (NP), Visiting Professorships (VP)

6C1-6.60-8 IFAS Facility Fund Raising and Naming Policy


6C1-6.70-1 IFAS; International Travel: 1) UF/IFAS Personnel and non-IFAS Personnel on Official Business, and 2) UF/IFAS Students

6C1-6.70-2 IFAS; Long Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty

6C1-6.70-3 IFAS; Short Term Overseas Assignments for Faculty


6C1-6.80-1 IFAS; Space and Facilities Committee


6C1-6.90-1 IFAS; Electronic Media Sponsorship

6C1-6.90-2 IFAS; Identity Standards for UF/IFAS and UF/IFAS Units and Sub-Units

6C1-6.100 Program Delivery System

6C1-6.100-1 Computer Information Transfer


6C1-6.100-2-1 IFAS; Office of Conferences & Institutes--Roles and Services

6C1-6.100-2-2 The Advisory Committee of the Office of Conferences & Institutes (deleted)

6C1-6.100-2-3 The Granting of Continuing Education Units for IFAS Non- Credit Programs (deleted)

6C1-6.100-3 Library

6C1-6.110 Resident Instruction

6C1-6.110-1 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.110-2 (Title Deleted)

6C1-6.110-3 IFAS; Mission of the College of Agriculture

6C1-6.110-4 IFAS; UF/IFAS Distance Education Policy


6C1-6.120-1 IFAS; Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Mission

6C1-6.120-2 IFAS; Research Organization

6C1-6.120-3 IFAS; Research Planning

6C1-6.120-4 IFAS; Implementation and Coordination of Research, Instruction and Extension Programs On-Campus and at the Research and Education Centers

6C1-6.120-5 IFAS; Research Reporting

6C1-6.120-6 IFAS; Policy Governing Release, Protection and Introduction of Plant Material

6C1-6.120-7 IFAS; Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series; Bulletins/Circulars

6C1-6.120-8 IFAS; Policy for Germplasm Deposition

6C1-6.120-9 IFAS; Protocol for Field Examination of Animals

6C1-6.120-10 IFAS; Memorandum of Agreement for the Evaluation of Plant Material


6C1-6.130-1 IFAS; Regulations for Florida Cooperative Extension Faculty

6C1-6.130-2 IFAS; Testing of Materials

6C1-6.130-3 IFAS; County Extension Faculty Position Description

6C1-6.130-4 IFAS; Compensation for County Extension Faculty

6C1-6.130-5 IFAS; Workmen's Compensation for Cooperative Extension Faculty

6C1-6.130-6 IFAS; Extension "For Sale" Educational Resources

6C1-6.130-7 IFAS; Extension Specialist's Role and Responsibility


6C1-6.140-1 IFAS; Bomb Threat Procedures

6C1-6.140-2 IFAS; York Distinguished Lecturer Series


6C1-6.150-1 IFAS; Information technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC)

6C1-6.150-2 UF/IFAS; IFAS Computer Coordinators (ICC)

6C1-6.150-3 UF/IFAS; Computer Security, Support, and Operating Environment

6C1-6.150-4 UF/IFAS; Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

6C1-6.150-5 UF/IFAS; Web Policy Standards for Units and Sub-Units

6C1-6.150-6 UF/IFAS; Domain Name Policy for ifas.ufl.edu Subdomains